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Ukeligion is a belief system that worships the elements of nature, sound and energy.

Ukeligion was created to inspire and provide ways to show each person how powerful their inner energy really is, and how important it is to think and act positively to achieve happiness.

There are 12 steps of happiness to become an "Ukeligic" and they are purely based on freedom, balance, kindness and love.

In this website you will find products, services and inspiration that represents the base of Ukeligion and that will assist you learning, thinking and acting in prol of your human being fulfilment as a being of light.

12 Steps of Happiness:

  1. Believe in nature. If possible walk barefoot and sunbathe once a week (at least).. Remember to be positive and respectful towards it.

  2. Be kind to people and nature (think your ways around it in every instance).

  3. Turn your birthday into a holy day! Celebrate it in a way that makes you smile (if you don’t know the day you were born, lucky you. Pick one!

  4. Live, let live (mind your own business) and help live (if you are healthy, donate blood. One bag of your blood can save 3 lives).

  5. Tell the truth, and not omit it if it can affect others positively. Remind people of their value as that’s a valuable information to give and receive.

  6. Love, be faithful and loyal.

  7. Use humility and try to see beyond image, clothing and disguises.

  8. Be thankful for every good friend, your health, and not take for granted the things you have.

  9. You shall play an instrument, and/or sing, and/or dance, and/or think of music everyday!

  10. Have serenity to accept the things you cannot change.

  11. Have the courage to change (to get smiles) all the things that you can.

  12. Have wisdom and equilibrium to make decisions and take actions in your life based on these steps.